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Quartzite CountertopsQuartzite Countertops

Many people confuse quartzite with quartz due to the similarity of the names.  Quartzite is a basically a natural stone. It’s a metamorphic rock that is formed when sandstone faces extreme pressure and heat. Like other materials, there are reasons why some San Antonio granite professionals may recommend quartzite despite the fact that it’s not as popular as granite and marble.

Remarkable Durability

Quartzite is a natural metamorphic rock. It is formed when sandstone loses the sedimentary structure and texture due to exposure to high pressure and heat. Therefore, the resulting quartzite stone is extremely hard. It’s also resistant to attacks by harsh chemicals and temperature changes. It also resists general tear and wear. Its incredible strength is one of the major reasons why you may consider installing quartzite in your living space.

Stunning Appearance

Established San Antonio granite fabricators will agree that the soft, elegant look of quartzite is not easy to replicate. The stunning appearance of this material adds a high aesthetic appeal and a natural charm to living space. Pure quartzite color ranges from gray to white. However, some cementing materials like silica, iron oxide, clay, and carbonate can remain in this stone. These create amazing color and pattern from the subtle earth-toned hues to the dramatic blacks and blues. Some veins like flecks or marble can reminiscent granite.

Green, yellow, blue, and orange tones are due to other minerals in a metamorphosed stone. Variation in color depends on the iron oxide amount, age, and region where the rock was formed. Veining of this stone also varies. But, this stone has a glossy surface which allows for various finishes. Major among them include sand blasted, flamed, polished and honed.

At Absolute Granite Shop, we install quartzite in different finishes and colors. Our crew has installed this stone in different homes for years. Call us to discuss your quartzite installation with experts today!