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Quartz Countertops

Quartz Countertops

Quartz is a popular stone that comprises of different materials in different habits, colors, and forms. This material is used to beautify countertops, vanities, and cabinets. Its popularity can be attributed to its amazing qualities. These include durability, attractive appearance, and strength. But, to achieve the results you desire with this material, make sure that it is installed by competent San Antonio granite professionals.

At Absolute Granite Shop, we make the most stunning quartz surfaces. We work with quartz in different colors. This makes it easy for you to customize your living space. The different colors of quartz are due to its manufacturing process. Nevertheless, the final appearance of quartz surfaces is rich and luxurious. Quartz finish has an awesome depth that is not possible to produce with other materials.

Quartz is Durable

The durability of quartz compares to that of granite and concrete. However, quartz durability is a little more forgiving. That means quartz surfaces do not crack or chip with ease. Quartz doesn’t feel hard.

But, like the other hard surfaces, quartz surfaces are non-porous. That means they resist staining like concrete, marble, and granite. As such, you don’t have to worry about staining of your quartz surface by juice, wine, oil, coffee, tomato, or other causes of stains.

What’s more, quartz is easy to clean. That means it does not harbor viruses and bacteria. It’s easy to clean and this makes it ideal for bathrooms and kitchens.

Install Quartz in Your Living Space

If you want to give your living space an upscale, contemporary look with low maintenance, install quartz. Quartz will last long and make your living space stand out. At Absolute Granite Shop, we supply and install quartz in different colors, sizes and shapes. Being the best San Antonio granite fabricators, our goal is to exceed your expectations in any way.

Call us to schedule a consultation appointment to discuss your quartz installation project with experts!