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Onyx-Countertop-San-AntonioOnyx Countertops

Even San Antonio granite professionals will agree that onyx is a great stone to have in a modern or contemporary-style kitchen. This is a natural, calcium-based stone. It comes from the surface of the earth despite having a luxurious look. But, before you install this stone in your living space, it’s important to know more about it.

Onyx is Durable

A major benefit of choosing onyx for countertops is its durability. Onyx is a great option for people that go for materials that last. You may spend a little extra on this material but it will last longer. Being a natural stone like granite and marble, onyx lasts just like these materials. But, just like other materials, onyx should be taken care of properly. That way, your countertop will last even longer without losing its impressive appearance.

Onyx is Beautiful

Another reason to install onyx is the fact that it is aesthetically pleasing. Being a natural material, onyx may be replicated. However, it’s impossible to come up with a material that looks exactly the same. Onyx is beautiful with unique and interesting graining. These qualities are particularly difficult for the manufacturers to create with manmade materials. The fact that onyx looks unique and has a higher quality makes the space where it is installed stand out.

Onyx Requires Maintenance

Upon installation, onyx should be covered with a sealant. This provides the much needed protective layer to ensure that it is not damaged by scratches and stains. But remember that sealant won’t last forever. Therefore, routine reapplication of sealant will be necessary after some time. Additionally, use cutting boards carefully to prevent countertops scratching with knives. Pads should also be placed under hot pans and pots to prevent burning.

In addition to offering San Antonio discount granite countertops, we also supply and install onyx. Call Absolute Granite Shop now to discuss your onyx surface needs with experts today!