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Limestone is a popular natural stone formed from calcium carbonate. Naturally, it is formed when minerals in a solution form solidify to form a rock. Since limestone chemical materials are easy to dissolve in an acid solution, the rocks can karst topography. The stone is available in different types. This depends on the primary rock from which the rock was formed, appearance, and composition. It also has different shapes including massive, granular, clastic, and crystalline depending on the forming conditions.

Limestone is widely used in decorative trims, veneers, and walls. It is also used in landmarks and as a sculptural material because of its soft and porous nature. Even San Antonio granite professionals use it for wall decoration, flooring, bathroom and kitchen counters.

Limestone Colors

At Absolute Granite Shop, we have supply and install the stone in different colors. However, it is generally supplied in pure white or off-white colors. Some of the color variations that we supply include brown, red, ivory, beige, yellow, and gray. In simple terms, it’s color tones are neutral.

There are also different shades as well as unique fossilized patterns. These enable the stone to give a floor a neutral look while adding an awesome sophistication feeling. The surface feels smooth with varying hardness. You can have your stone polished but it won’t be as shiny as granite or marble surface.

Limestone Maintenance

A major reason why San Antonio granite fabricators may not recommend the stone is because it requires maintenance and care. Being a soft, porous, and chemically sensitive material, it can be damaged by acidic solutions or acids. As such, you need to take care of your surfaces.

Essentially, limestone surfaces should be kept clean to prevent staining. In most cases, people seal the countertops to prevent staining. A protective sealer can also be used to prevent staining. This fills the pores thereby repelling spills. Additionally, the products used to clean a the surface should be selected with care. Nevertheless, limestone is a good looking and natural stone that adds glamor to a living space.

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